Organic Skin Care Products: Safer And Cheaper?

Like most people, you may think that organic skin care products are too expensive. For this reason, you may be reluctant to buy them over regular skin care products, even though you know they are safer for you and better for the environment.

But are they really over-priced? Let’s find out…

Organic skincare products range from moisturizers to makeup products.Skin care products that are labeled “organic” do carry a price tag that shows a higher price than many over-the-counter skin care and cosmetic products. But they can be cheaper in the long run.

You may be thinking, how can a product that costs more end up being cheaper to use?

When evaluating a product, it may be a wise move to consider its impact on your health, as well as your family’s. The cost and effectiveness of a product are important considerations, but don’t you think health and wellness should come first?

Is Your Skin Care Product Safe?

Try reading the labels on your skin care products and see what ingredients they contain. You may be shocked to find out that one single product can contain up to a hundred different ingredients, many of them with strange-sounding names.

And here’s something that’s even more shocking.

Many of these ingredients are not regulated by any federal agency, and some have been shown to cause cancer, liver problems, hormonal imbalance, and other negative side effects.

It is a common misconception that the FDA, or a similar agency, is monitoring personal care products. Well, the bad news is that no one is minding the store. Manufacturers of cosmetic and personal care products “regulate” themselves, leaving the door wide open for unscrupulous manufacturers to concoct products that could be potentially dangerous to unwary consumers.

There are many reputable and responsible companies out there but finding personal care products that are safe can still be a problem. Unless, of course, you choose organic skin care products that are certified to be free from harmful chemicals.

How Much Do You Value Your Health?

Manufacturers of skin care products argue that the chemicals are present in very small doses, but keep in mind that these products are used on your body every day. Some of these products, such as soap, are used many times a day. Makeup, lotions and creams stay on your skin for hours on end, ensuring maximum absorption of potentially hazardous chemicals. You may not fall ill tomorrow or next year if you slather regular lotion on your skin, but what about 10 or 20 years from now? Think of the expense and anguish that a life-threatening illness like cancer or liver problems would bring.

Skin care products are supposed to help you care for your skin, not harm it. Unfortunately, not all personal care products are good for your health. Organic skincare products are your best choice when it comes to safety and effectiveness. Before they can be certified organic, these skin care products must meet the strict requirements of an independent certifying body.

As the saying goes, health is wealth. Organic skin care products can be considered cheap if you value your health.

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One comment on “Organic Skin Care Products: Safer And Cheaper?

  1. Marilou bio is the best affordable skin care I have tried so far. And it’s really cheap too. Excellent products. My skin has healed!!!

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