The Truth About Organic Nail Polish

Zoya offers a natural nail polish that's safer than traditional options.If you’re already taking care of your hair and skin with organic lotion, soap, shampoo, moisturizer and facial cream, you may also want to get beautiful nails with organic nail polish. You may not want nasty synthetic chemicals such as toluene and phthalates in your nail lacquer, so natural nail polish seems like a good idea.

But does it even exist? You’ll be disappointed to discover that there isn’t a nail polish that can be certified as such.

If you try to search for organic nail polish, you’ll turn up pages and pages of results but they won’t be certified organic.

There Isn’t An Organic, All-Natural Nail Polish – At Least For Now

You can find natural nail polish that is safe to use, but none that are considered organic. Synthetic ingredients are still used to bind the color to the fingernails. So far, there is no known organic product that can do this. Any product that contains synthetic ingredients cannot be certified organic.

Another reason why there is no all-natural nail polish is because no natural ingredient can stand up to the everyday wear that nail polish is subjected to.

A Safer Nail Polish Is Your Best Alternative

Even though there’s no such thing as organic finger nail polish, you can still find safe brands that do not contain harmful synthetic ingredients. The three ingredients that you should avoid are toluene, formaldehyde and phthalate.

Karma Organic's nail polish is a healthier alternative.These ingredients are found in many popular brands of polish. They can stay in your system and cause internal toxicity. Fortunately, more and more companies have eliminated them from their current products.

Karma Organic and Zoya nail polishes are two major brands that do not contain these toxic chemicals. They are not entirely free of synthetic chemicals but they provide a safer and natural alternative to conventional nail lacquers.

You can still have beautiful, well-groomed nails without the danger of absorbing toxic ingredients.

Solvent-Based Natural Nail Polish

Solvent-based nail polish now uses acetate or acetone as a safer alternative to other solvents. Natural nail polish brands closely resemble conventional brands. They dry quickly with a durable finish, but may not wear quite as well as conventional brands. Nevertheless, they offer the benefit of being a safer product. A few brands that you might want to try are Zoya, Scotch Naturals, and No Miss. They offer a wide variety of long-wearing colors. Because they contain high-quality ingredients, these brands cost more than drug store brands.

Water-Based Natural Nail Polish

Suncoat water-based nail polish is a popular alternative to solvent-based polishes.Water-based nail polish formulas use water in place of acetate, and are therefore safer than solvent-based nail polish. They also use plastic polymers to bind color to the nails. These polishes do not dry as quickly as solvent-based formulas do. Many water-based natural polish brands are safe even for kids and moms-to-be. Popular brands include Honeybee Gardens, Suncoat and Acquarella.

Conventional nail polish is laden with synthetic chemicals but there are natural and safer alternatives available these days. Nail polish with organic ingredients hydrate, nourish and condition your perfectly manicured nails.

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2 comments on “The Truth About Organic Nail Polish

  1. Water based nail polish is just awesome! All the natural products are always very useful for skin as it contains less amount of chemicals are easily absorbed by skin. As a result provides better effects. Be it nail polish or a natural body wash.

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