Lavera Volume Mascara Review – Does This Natural Mascara Live Up To Its Promises?

Lavera Volume MascaraRecently I was asked to do a review of a popular natural mascara – Lavera Volume Mascara. Promising to add volume without the clumps with no smudging or flaking, Lavera’s Volume Mascara is safe for sensitive eyes. It contains all-natural ingredients with many of them organic, is 100% vegan and won the Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s Best of Natural Review in 2012.

Lavera has a policy of using ingredients that are not harmful to your skin or overall health. All products are carefully chosen to be all-natural, safe, gluten-free and are not subject to animal testing. Their extensive line of skin care and cosmetics products do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial colors, synthetic sunscreen actives or artificial fragrances. Petroleum-based ingredients, synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers are not used.

Although I’ve been using natural and organic skin care products for awhile, cosmetics are a new area for me. In fact, I’m just starting to experiment and change out some of my traditional makeup items. I’ve used mineral makeup for a few years now, but even with minerals I’m discovering that they’re not all created equal from a safety perspective.

Natural mascara is something I’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t up until now. That’s why I was so happy when the representative from Lavera contacted me to do a review – it gave me a much-needed push to make the transition from conventional mascara containing who-knows-what to a product that’s completely safe to wear around the eyes every day.

It May Be Safe, But Does It Actually Work?

But aside from being safe, especially when it comes to something like mascara, it’s important to find something that actually works. We women will often sacrifice a little safety to look our best. In approaching my review I wanted to address these important issues – Lavera’s Volume Mascara not only had to meet certain safety standards but it also had to work.

First off let me say that my eyelashes are skimpy – always have been. The main problem I face is finding a mascara that actually plumps up my lashes and extends the length without clumping up and looking like a spider sat down to take a nap on my eyes.

So, did this mascara work for me? For the most part, yes it did. Let me explain further…

First let me disclose fully that I did receive a complimentary mascara sample from the company. However, the fact that I didn’t pay for it has no bearing on my comments here. My opinion can’t be bought and what I’m sharing with you here is my honest opinion and actual results from using the product.

The type of mascara I reviewed was the “volume” mascara, not the “lengthening” mascara. Lavera has both types but as you may know, it’s difficult to find formulas that address both issues at the same time. Because this was the “volume” formula, it’s really not fair of me to talk about whether or not it lengthens – it’s not designed to do that.

Results Of Using Lavera’s Natural Mascara

As for volume, it does work well. And here’s the part I really, REALLY liked about it – I couldn’t get it to clump at all! Even after applying 3 coats of this mascara it would not clump! I’ve never had this happen with any other mascara I’ve tried – ever.

Another thing that was nice about this brand – and different from other brands I’ve tried – is that my lashes didn’t feel like they had anything on them. Usually if I touch my eyelashes while wearing mascara they feel rough and actually start to bother me towards the end of the day. Wearing the Lavera brand they feel soft to the touch, like bare lashes.

Finally, at the end of the day it washed off easily. Even though it came off quickly with gentle cleansing, it did stay put during the day. No smudging – even during my workout.

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Volume is fantastic… it does what it’s supposed to do.

But what about length?

Even though it’s not fair to talk about the lengthening aspect of this product I’m going to address it briefly. It DOES seem to lengthen the lashes a bit, but not as much as a mascara designed for that specific purpose would. I’ve been wearing 2-3 coats of the volume mascara on my skimpy lashes and they look pretty good, just not as long as I’m used to with the deadly stuff I’ve been using up until now.

The solution seems simple enough… Lavera Long Lash Mascara works to lengthen lashes. I haven’t tried it yet but I plan to – and I’m confident it will work well based on my results with the volume formula. I’m thinking a coat of each will work well for my lashes.

Do you think using 2 separate mascaras too cumbersome? Maybe so, but the folks at Lavera have already thought of that and have a solution. It’s called Double Black Mascara and it’s one tube of mascara with the volume formula on one end and the lengthening formula on the other. It sounds like the perfect solution when you need both!

If you’re looking for a natural mascara that works, Lavera is definitely worth a try. The volume mascara comes in black or brown (I used the black). Lavera ships world-wide and offers free shipping for U.S. orders over $49. Click here for buying details (you can also access the other mascara formulas mentioned in this review).

Lavera Volume Mascara

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One comment on “Lavera Volume Mascara Review – Does This Natural Mascara Live Up To Its Promises?

  1. I have bought this mascara in the last year – the double black as described above. Whilst the product works, I personally find I get incredibly itchy eyes every time I have used it and now thrown it away. Not only that but it ALWAYS smudges; both top and bottom. Very annoying as the other products of theirs I have are lovely. Still on the search for the illusive perfect mascara – all natural of course!

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